Male Impotency: Body Parts that Predict Men`s Underlying Health Issues!

Male Impotency: Body Parts that Predict Men`s Underlying Health Issues!

The penis is not only a sexual organ, but it can also be the barometer of underlying health conditions. Men, if you are experiencing bedroom performance problems or any discomfort below the belt, do not ignore them.

Not only erection problems can side-line your sex life, it could also be a warning sign of some serious vascular disease like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and kidney issues. Sexual problems like ED, low testosterone levels, penis injuries, STDs, and premature ejaculation can affect men of all ages. Hence, it is always a great idea to keep going for regular health check-ups with urologists.

Seeing your doctor regularly is extremely important as multiple times health problems can be diagnosed (even the chronic ones), can be cured. Here are six sexual dysfunctional issues that will warn men that they need to see a doctor:

Erectile Dysfunction

This is just not an older man’s issue! Despite the contrary belief, around one man out of four is experiencing erection problems. Erection dysfunction is a medical condition in which a man is unable to achieve or sustain an erection firm enough for sex more than half of the time.

If you face erection problems when with a partner, but experience nocturnal erections during sleep, this could be a sign that the reason behind your erection problem could be psychological. Also, if you don’t have erections during sleep, then performance problems may be due to an undiagnosed health condition.

Though there are many ED drugs like Manforce, it is best to have a consultation with your doctor as there could be underlying issues of heart disease, blocked blood vessels, or a stroke.

Low Testosterone

With age, the testosterone level also starts to decline. If your sex drive has declined, this could be a clear indication that your T-level is seeing a dip. Pituitary gland problems could be at play or an injury to your testicles could be the reason behind it.

Also, men who are about to reach or cross 40, they might experience “andropause” or androgen deficiency of the aging male. A simple test can help your doctor to determine if you have low T caused by an androgen deficiency.

Testicular Cancer

If you feel a lump or mass on your testicles, then it could be a sign of cancer. Young men from age 18 to 40 years are most prone to testicular cancer. It is highly recommended to do a self-check every month to feel for any new growths or lumps.

So watch out for these early signs that might be are giving you signals about some underlying serious health issues!

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