Can Sexual Performance Anxiety be responsible for ED problems in Men?

Sex is fun, but when you constantly worry about your performance, it might give you erection problems. It is tough to enjoy those intimate moments if you are constantly worrying about how well you are performing. You might take ED medicine like Vidalista, but you might be surprised to know the real reason behind it.

If you feel like you too are falling prey to this vicious cycle of anxiety and want to bring back that passionate flame, then you will have to learn why performance anxiety might be happening to you and can try few tips to put yourself at ease:

What Causes Sexual Performance Anxiety

Most people think that sex is all about bodily sensations, but contrary to that belief, your emotions and feelings have something to do with it too. When your mind is too stressed out about the outcome of the session, your body can`t get excited either.

There are many reasons that could be causing sexual performance anxiety in you. To give an idea, we have mentioned some below:

  1. Men more often think about their performance when getting intimate with their partners. A little thought about it is fine, but fear that you won`t perform well in bed and satisfy your partner sexually can lead to erection problems.
  2. If you consider yourself not-so-attractive, you might not feel confident enough.
  3. Worry that your penis won`t “measure up”.
  4. Emotional problems in your relationship.
  5. Anxiety about not being able to enjoy the sexual experience.

Constant worrying can make your body release stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Although erectile dysfunction happens due to clogged arteries and insufficient blood flow to the penis, your state-of-mind can have a big impact on your ability to get aroused. Sexual performance anxiety can also cause erection problems, even if you are with someone who you find sexually appealing.

Worrying constantly whether you will be able to please your partner can definitely lead to erection problems. When less blood flows into your penis, it is difficult to attain an erection. Even man who normally gets aroused easily might also get trouble getting excited when they are overcome by sexual performance anxiety.

Anxiety can take you out of the right mind-set for sex. When you’re focused on whether you’ll perform well, you can`t focus on what you are doing in bed. Hence, you can experience erectile dysfunction due to sexual performance anxiety.

How to Over Come Sexual Performance Anxiety?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety, you must seek professional help. The doctor will examine you and will ask you to do some tests to make sure a chronic health condition or certain medications are not the cause of your problems.

Medications and other therapies can easily help you overcome your sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Don`t lose hope! Talk to your partner and share your concerns to feel closer to them.

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