Things to keep in Mind before Ordering ED Drugs Online!

Thinking about buying ED medications online? Not every medicine is safe for consumption and not all e-pharmacy stores sell genuine medicines. Get all the information about buying ED drugs in this article.

Try to search “ED drugs online”, and you will bring up around 22 million search results; all the websites claiming to sell original and genuine medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You will come across well-known ED drugs for sale, as well as various other ‘natural’ remedies that promise to give you quick and effective results.

Why should one always buy from a trustworthy e-pharmacy?

Although there is a great risk involved, not all e-pharmacy and websites sell fake products. There is plenty of e-pharmacy stores that sell genuine medicines that are clinically tested and FDA approved. But not all websites are genuine and some drugs that are sold on the internet contained entirely different medicines, such as the antibiotic metronidazole and the fertility drug clomiphene.

Customers who purchase medicines from random websites run the risk of receiving counterfeit medicines. By an estimate, more than half of all the ED drugs that are sold online are of poor quality. Some of these drugs also consist of various ingredients like talcum powder, printer ink, and paint.

There is a list of products that FDA warns against, as they have contained potentially harmful ingredients or compounds that are hidden and are not mentioned on the label:

  • Actra-Sx
  • Actra-Rx
  • Blue Steel
  • Adam Free
  • Energy Max
  • HS Joy of Love
  • Hero
  • Erextra
  • Lady Shangai
  • Rhino V Max
  • Shangai Regular, also marketed as Shangai Chaojimengnan
  • Shangai Ultra
  • Shangai Ultra X
  • Strong Testis

Health Concerns Involved

Every medicine has some side-effects that effect depending on the individual to individual. Not everyone who takes the medicine experiences these side-effects. Also, there are many ED drugs like Aurogra that are produced and manufactured by reputed and well-known pharmaceuticals like Aurochem. Approved by FDA, it works effectively to treat the problems of erectile dysfunction by acting as a muscle relaxant.

But some medications can be dangerous for your health. Hence, it is always recommended to order these prescription drugs online, only after consulting with your doctor.

Legitimate online pharmacies do exist and they run on their original drugs and reputation. All you have to do before placing your trust in them is to research well.

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