What causes erectile dysfunction and how quickly can it be treated

What causes erectile dysfunction and how quickly can it be treated?

The most prevalent issue in men is erectile dysfunction, which prevents a man from maintaining an erection long enough to engage in sexual activity. If this condition persists, it may be extremely stressful and have a negative impact on the patient’s confidence. Problems in a couple’s relationship may also result from it. This disorder is a risk factor for heart problems and a symptom of underlying health issues that require treatment. The patient experiencing this problem should speak with the doctor as soon as possible so that it can be promptly handled.

There could be several causes of erectile dysfunction, including the following:

Vascular disease: Due to vascular illnesses like atherosclerosis, the patient’s blood flow to the penis may become obstructed.

Neurological conditions: Strokes and diabetes can occasionally affect the nerves that send signals to the penis. Another factor contributing to their power is.

Psychological states: These include anxiety about performing, tension, depression, and a lack of brain stimulation.

Trauma: Any unanticipated injury could send you into shock and make your ED symptoms worse.

Different kinds of drugs, in addition to these chronic conditions, can also lead to ED. Prostate cancer and colon cancer may be additional causal variables.

How is erectile dysfunction treated quickly?

Men with erectile dysfunction are treated with prescription drugs like fildena, kamagra, suhagra, and malegra. This all comes in the form of a tablet. Another name for it is impotence. By improving the patient’s penis blood flow, this medication effectively treats sexual dysfunction. In turn, this aids in the patient’s erection. Additionally, it aids the patient in keeping an erection. The medication is a member of the class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. The medication may be taken with or without food and must only be used as directed by a physician. The patient must take their medications exactly as prescribed by their doctor. It should be taken by the patient one hour before sexual activity. This medicine takes different amounts of time for different people. However, this medication often takes 30 to 60 minutes to start working. You should keep in mind that the patient has to be sexually excited for this medication to work. If the patient does not have erectile dysfunction, he should not use the medication. No more than one dose of the medication should be taken each day.

Benefits of using the medication

The patient’s body’s blood vessels are relaxed by this medication, which results in excellent results. Additionally, it permits blood to enter the penis. It aids in the patient’s erection. Due to the quick blood flow to the penis, the restricted blood flow is also liberated. The medication is efficient and ought to be taken at least 30 minutes before sex.

Adverse effects of the medication

It takes the patient some time to get used to the effects of this medication. They do not need medical attention, but the impact of encounters builds over time. But it’s important to utilize the medicine responsibly. Here are a few outcomes of the medication:

It might only be a minor headache.

Nasal bleeding: It rarely happens.

Mild muscle pain is probably going to be experienced.

The patient should see a doctor if these side effects persist.

How to use the medication

Medicines like Vidalista, Tadalista, Tadarise, etc. are popular in tablet form. The patient is instructed by the doctor to take the medication completely before downing a glass of water. The pill shouldn’t be broken in half or crushed by the patient. The molecular integrity is significantly compromised if the affected patient tries to smash the pill. As a result, the doctor advises the patient to take the medication completely. The medication contains an ingesting coating that dissolves in the body of the patient. After dissolving in the stomach, it begins to work.

How does the medicine function?

Under a doctor’s prescription, the medication must be taken. It functions by reducing the patient’s blood pressure in the private area, increasing blood flow only during sexual stimulation in the penis. This makes it easier to get and keep an erection. Additionally, the patient is able to keep the erection open for a sizable amount of time. The drug’s component aids in blood vessel enlargement, which ensures that the penis receives continuous blood flow. So, the patient has an erection. A medication called vilitra, zhewitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction.


This medication needs to be kept in a very serene, dry environment. The drug’s molecular integrity is significantly impacted and degraded if it is stored in a wet environment. The medicine won’t work if the integrity is damaged. The patient is advised by the doctor to keep the medication in a closed container. Since there will be no contact between the drug and air when it is kept in a closed container, its efficacy will be preserved.

Untaken dosage

There shouldn’t be any drug dosages that the patient misses. The patient may probably suffer some withdrawal symptoms if he forgets to take the medication. In a similar vein, the patient shouldn’t abuse their medication.


Before ingesting the medication, the patients should exercise considerable caution. The affected patient should not take the medication if he is receiving any ongoing treatment. The patient shouldn’t take the medication if he has any condition affecting his heart, liver, or kidneys. The medication that provides a quick fix for erectile dysfunction is called cenforce.

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